For any commercial or business property, the parking lot is a critical feature. The parking lot is a necessary function for your property. If snow is stacked high on your parking lot, you can be sure that your customers and tenants will take their business elsewhere.


At Pro Snow Removal Syracuse, we employ the best in state-of-the-art snow removal techniques. This way, we are able to clear out an amazing number of parking lot in Syracuse in a single day. Give us a call early and we’ll keep your parking lot clear all winter long.


Whether you’re a commercial property manager or a business owner, your parking lot is going to need a clearing this Winter. Keep the following in mind when you’re out booking for your parking lot clearing:


⦁ Pricing will depend on a number of factors, we offer a 100% FREE quote.
⦁ Clearing requires a combination of snow removal techniques. 
⦁ We can clear any parking lot faster than your last snow removal service.
⦁ Parking lot size and features will be inspected by our snow removal specialist.
⦁ Scheduled appointments will be given priority. 
⦁ We accept emergency call, our phone lines are open 24 hours a day. Everyday. 
⦁ Expect to coordinate with a snow removal specialist.
⦁ Parking lot should be free of vehicles during the time of clearing. 


At Pro Snow Removal Syracuse, we want to make our services as simple and easy to employ. You won’t jump through any hoops or fill-up long tedious forums. It’s best to call in early, before it becomes an emergency. Get your Free quote as early as today.


Syracuse Winter Parking Rules

Every Syracuse native knows how the snow likes to stack during the winter months. In a single day all of us can be up to our hips in snow. Thus the good people at city hall have asked us to move our cars out of the street during winter nights for necessary snow plowing.

Specifically, cars parked on the street must adhere to an ‘odd-even’ parking system during the Winter. Going to the Syracuse Official City Website, and navigating to an FAQ page dedicated to parking, you can find the following:

“Odd/even parking dictates that from 6pm on an odd day to 6pm on an even day, cars may park on the odd- addressed side of the street. At 6pm, vehicle owners must switch the side of the street on which their car is parked to the even side. For example, on June 16th, cars should begin the day parked on the odd side of the street. At 6pm that evening, cars should move to the even marked side of the street.”


Ice Ain’t so Nice

The biggest danger to commercial and business parking lots are ice patches. These hazardous ice slicks can result in liability cases caused from injuries or accidents on your property. We want to make sure everyone is safe and happy during the holiday season. Our number one priority when clearing your parking lot is to make sure you are not at risk of endangering your tenants and customers.

Our snow removal specialists are especially aware of the dangers of these ice slicks. We make sure that your parking lot is treated properly, so you this Winter you can rest easy knowing that none of your patrons will break the ice.