Why would you let snow dictate your business success? Winter is long and snowy in our dear Syracuse. Every Syracuse native knows exactly what I’m talking about. The snow likes to fall on our beautiful city, so never let the snow stop your operations. Stay safe and plowed over the holidays.


To our fellow Syracuse businesses, we are here for you all Winter. More than likely, our snow plows are already clearing the streets outside your business. Just give us a call, set your schedule, and you’ll be operational all Winter long.


What you can expect with Pro Snow Removal Syracuse as your seasonal business partner:


⦁ Frequent snow plowing on regular schedule.
⦁ Complete and professional snow plowing.
⦁ Emergency phone lines for immediate plowing. 
⦁ Ice patch treatment. 
⦁ State-of-the-art plowing techniques. 
⦁ Easy and simple booking service. 


Get to Know the Snow

Every business owner in Syracuse should know the seasonal traditions. Namly, our yearly snow statistics. If you’re like us, then snow is your business. If not – then your business better be well equipped to handle the heavy snowfall.

As far as upstate New York is concerned, Syracuse is one of the snowiest. The GoldenSnowball Award is a contended between the cities of Albany, Buffalo, Birmingham, Rochester, and our very own Syracuse.

From the last 10 years, we have taken home the award a total of 7 times. So even if your business is not based on snow, you can take pride in having roots in a city that is one of the snowiest in New York.


No Small Accidents

When the snow starts to fall, the ice starts to build. Slick and slippery ice spots are a HUGE danger to your business. Due to property/sidewalk laws in Syracuse, property owners are responsible for snow removal. Meaning business owners are liable for accidents that occur on their property and surrounding sidewalks.

Just one slip and fall from a would-be customer or employee can put you in a world of trouble. No one wants to start the year with a legal battle. The added stress and bad press can be enough to put the most successful business under. Don’t risk an injury on your property, and trust Pro Snow Removal Syracuse to keep your business property hazard free from the whole Winter.


Early Bird Special

Obviously, Winter is our peak season. Our contact book tends to fill up fast and our service slots get reserved very early. We want to service as many Syracuse businesses as possible. That’s why we employ many snow removal specialists as possible and commission a large number of snow plows and vehicles.

To make sure your business property gets plowing priority, it’s best you call in early and reserve a service slot on our dailey schedule. Early callers will be prioritized and will get the best time slots we have to offer. Even if you don’t get a priority slot, we will contact our large network of other local snow plow companies get the snow off your.